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CSM is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with the very latest technology in machining and inspection equipment, including CNC lathes, machining centers, and saws.

Production Machinery

CNC turning centers:
(1) Mazak Super Quick Turn 15 multi-spindle live tooling with LNS quick load barfeeder. Main spindle has 8.0" chuck, sub spindle has 6.0" chuck. Through spindle capacity is 2.0" diameter. Machine has 10.0" swing by turret. 20.0" travelin Z-axis.

(4) Wickman 60/250 with Fanuc control. Machines have 12.0" chuck with 15.0" available swing. Through spindle capacity 2-1/2" chuck. Hydraulic tailbody.

CNC milling centers:
(2) Mazak VTC-41, machining envelope X=20.0", Y=15.0", Z=20.0", EIA controller, Rigid tapping, Haas indexer to allow 4th axis milling.

(1) Mazak VTC-16, machining envelope X=65.0", Y=16.0", Z=20.0", EIA controller, Rigid tapping, Haas indexer to allow 4th milling, 10,000 rpm spindle with (2) 24 ATC and (2) ATLM.

(1) Hem saw with automatic feed and cutting envelope of 12" diameter, can easily handle lengths of 12 feet.

Inspection Equipment

(1) Giddings and Lewis 1805 Cordax measuring machine with probechanger to ensure probe calibration accuracy, inspection envelope X=24.0", Y=15.0", Z=15.0".

Various sizes of digital bore micrometers and other on-site gauging.

48.0" x 48.0" granite plate for hard gauge inspection techniques.

Surface tester to verify surface finish per print requirements.

Other Quality Control support equipment.

CSM utilizes gauge management. software for continuous monitoring of all measuring instruments to insure up-to-date calibration.

CNC Programming Capabilities

Teksoft CAD/CAM System 2D/3D will reduce setup times while insuring accuracy and reliability with difficult parts. The CSM CAD/CAM system can receive AutoCad files (.dxf, .dwg, and .igs).

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